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Updated list of Tested
Updated list of Tested Tractors 10.06.2021

Updated List of Power Tillers NEW
Updated list of Power Tillers 15.03.2021
Updated list of Power Tiller till 31.01.2021
Updated List of Power tillers 28.02.2020

Amended list of Combine Harvesters
Updated List of Tested Combine Harvesters 22.06.2019
Updated list of Additional Combine Harvesters
Additional list 2 for combine harvesters 2.09.2019
Additional list of tested combine harvesters till 30.11.2019
Additional List of Combine Harvesters 15.3.2021

Additional list of Combine Harvesters 19.03.2021

Updated list of Tested Combine Harvesters July 2021

List f Tested  Agricultural Machinery  on 18.05 2017
Updated List of Tested Rice Transplanters 25.02.2019
List Sugarcane Harvesters Updated on 8.04.2016

 Updated List of Power Weeders 22.02.2019
Revised updated list of Tested Self Propelled /Tractor operated/Reaper  & Reaper binders 22.02.2019
Updated List of Tested Rotavators 25.02.2019
Updated List of Tested Happy Seeders 25.02.2019
Updated List of Tested Reversible M.B. Plough 25.02.2019
Updated List of tested Balers 25.02.2019
Updated List of Zero Till Drill 25.02.2019
Updated List of Laser Levellers 25.02.2019
Updated List of Threshers 25.02.2019