5.1 Seed-cum-fertilizer Drill 5.2 Zero-Till Drill
5.3 Raised Bed Planter 5.4 Mat Type rice Transplanter
5.5 Sugarcane Cutter Planter 5.6 Vegetable Transplanter




The seed cum fertilizer drill consists of a seed box, fertilizer box, seed and fertilizer metering mechanisms, seed/fertiliser tubes, furrow openers, seed and fertilizer rate adjusting lever, chain, sprockets, and transport cum power transmitting wheel. The fluted rollers are driven by a shaft which gets power from wheels. Fluted rollers fixed in the seed box, receive the seeds into longitudinal grooves and drop them in the seed tube attached to the furrow opener. By shifting the rollers sideways, the length of the grooves exposed to the seed, can be increased or decreased and hence the amount of seed to be dropped can be varied.  Fertiliser rate can be varied by increasing or decreasing the opening provided at the bottom of the fertiliser box with the help of a lever.     


Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Seed metering mechanism

Fertilizer metering mechanism

Number of furrow opener

Furrow opener

Size of feed shaft (mm)

Size (diameter) and number of flutes

Seed box capacity (cm3)

Fertilizer box capacity (cm3)

Weight (kg)

Power source (hp/kW)                                


:     1940-2310

:     970-1560

:     1070-1350

:     Fluted roller

:     Gravity feed with agitator

:      9-13

:     Reversible shovel

:     16-19

:     42.7-49.2 and 9-11

:     66241-10308                                                                                                                                                                   TOP

:     63310-10141

:     224-328

:     5/26.25, tractor


Seed cum fertilizer drills are used for sowing of wheat and other cereal crops in already prepared field. It has provision to change the row to row distance by adjusting the furrow openers.

Cost of Machine : Rs.35,000/



Zero-till drill consists of frame, seed box, fertilizer box, seed metering mechanism, fertilizer metering mechanism’, seed tubes, furrow opener seed/fertiliser adjusting mechanism and transport cum power transmitting wheel. The frame is made from mild steel box section. The tynes are mounted with the help of clamps, to obtain infinite row spacing. The main difference between no-till drill and conventional drill is that it has inverted T-type furrow opener fixed on the tyne instead of reversible shovels type furrow openers. The main advantage of inverted t-type furrow opener’s is non formation of clods, lower draft requirement and easier penetration in the soil.




Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Seed metering mechanism

Fertilizer metering mechanism

Power transmission

Furrow opener

No of furrow opener

Size of fertilizer shaft (mm)

Seed box capacity (cm3)

Fertilizer box capacity (cm3)

Weight (kg)

Power requirement(hp/KW)




:      1960-2310

:      970-1560

:      1070-1350

:      Fluted roller

:      Gravity feed or corrugated roller 

:      Through chain and sprockets

:      Inverted T -type

:      9-13

:      20-22.3

:     66241-10308                                                                                                                                                                      TOP

:      63310-10141

:      224-328

:      35/26.25, tractor


Zero-till-drills are used for sowing wheat crop in unprepared field after harvesting of paddy. It saves Rs 2000-3000 per hectare and one pre irrigation of the field is avoided.

Cost of Machine : Rs.35,000/-










It consists of a seed box, fertiliser box, seed and fertiliser metering mechanism, 3-ridgers, chain, sprockets, transmission wheels, seed/fertiliser cut-off levers and rollers for compacting the beds. The planters form the flat ridges on which seeds are sown. As seeds are sown on the ridges hence root growth is better and increased yield is obtained. The furrows formed are used for irrigation purpose.  It is suitable for sowing wheat, maize, peas etc. Vegetable seed can also sown by this planter.


Suitability                                             :            Wheat, maize, peas, pulses etc.

Power Source                                     :            45 hp tractor

Weight  (kg)                                        :            230

Overall dimensions  (mm)                     :            1200x2200x1200


Working width  (mm)                           :            1800

Capacity (ha/h)                                   :           0.26         

Uses:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           TOP

Sowing wheat on beds for economical use of irrigation water and fertilizer in light and medium soils.

Cost   (Rs)    :      45,000   




It is a single wheel driven and fitted with diesel engine. The machine is riding type and it transplants seedlings from mat type nursery in eight rows in a single pass. The drive wheel receives power from the engine through V-belt, cone clutch and gearbox. A propeller shaft from the gear box provides power to the transplanting mechanism mounted over the float. The tray containing mat type nursery for rows is moved sideways by a scroll shaft mechanism, which converts rotary motion received from the engine through belt-pulley, gear and universal joint shaft into linear motion of a rod connected to the seedling tray having provision to reverse the direction of movement of tray after it reaches the extreme position at one end. Fixed fork with knock out lever type planting fingers (cranking type) are moved by a four bar linkage to give the designed locus to the tip of the planting finger.  It is used to transplant paddy in the puddled field.


No's of rows                                                 :       6-8

Length (mm)                                                :       2410

Width (mm)                                                  :      2130

Height (mm)                                                 :      1300

Row spacing(mm)                                        :      238

Distance between hills (mm)                       :      140 &170

Weight (kg)                                                  :      320

Working capacity (ha/h)                               :     0.57

Prime mover (hp/kW)                                  :      4.4/3.3, Air cooled, diesel engine                                                                                                                                                                        TOP


It is used for transplanting of mat type paddy seedlings. Manually operated 6-row mat type paddy transplanters can be used for transplanting in small size lands. Riding type self-propelled version of these mat type transplanter is also available.

Cost(Rs) : 1,75,000-10,00,000




Machine consists of furrow opening unit, sett cutting unit, fertilizer application unit, chemical application unit, sett covering unit and seed box. The furrow-opening unit has two ridgers mounted on the frame for opening the furrow. The machine has two-sett cutting units one for each row. For the operation, two labourers sitting on the machine feed complete sugarcane one by one into the sett cutting unit by picking from the cane from the hopper. The rotating blades cut the setts automatically before dropping into the furrows. Fertilizer and chemicals are also applied simultaneously along with the setts, before covering of furrows.


Length (mm)                                         :           2070

Width (mm)                                          :           1850

Height (mm)                                         :           2100

Row to row spacing (mm)                     :           600-1050

Number of seed box                             :           2

Fertilizer metering system                      :           Gravity type

Number of furrow openers                    :           2

Field capacity (ha/h)                           :           0.2

Weight (kg)                                          :           475                                                                                                                                                                                                               TOP

Power source (hp/kW)             :           35/26.25, tractor


It is used for sowing of sugarcane. It cuts the seed setts, opens the furrows, places the setts into the furrows, drops fertilizer, treats setts and covers the setts simultaneously. About 3 budded 20000 setts are required for planting one hectare land.

Cost  (Rs)  : 50,000-60,000




The machine consists of seedling tray, seat for the operator, furrow opener, compaction wheels, finger guide tunnel, picker wheel type metering mechanism. Picking forks has spring mounted rubber flappers, which opens before passing through the tunnel and closes during its passage. These flappers open again at the bottom end of the tunnel to release the seedlings in a furrow. The inclined wheels compact the soil around the seedlings. Two persons one for each row sitting on the machine is required to place the seedlings in the flappers when these open at the top position. The root side of the seedlings is kept towards the operator.


Length (mm)                                        :            1850

Width (mm)                                         :            1520

Height (mm)                                        :            1160

Number of rows                                  :            2

Metering mechanism                            :            Picker wheel type

Number of picking fingers                    :            10       

Type of pickers                                   :            Rubber flappers

Row spacing (mm)                               :            600

Watering arrangement                          :            Two nozzles

Diameter of ground wheel (mm)           :             520

Machine weight(kg)                              :            225                                                                                                                                                                                                     TOP

Power source (hp/kW)                        :            35/26.25, tractor


Vegetable transplanters are used for transplanting seedlings of vegetables such as, brinjal, cauliflower, chillies, tomatoes etc.at desired spacing.

Cost (Rs)  : 35,000-40,000