8.1 Self-Propelled Vertical Conveyor Reaper 8.2 Tractor Mounted Vertical Conveyor Reaper
8.3 Riding Type Self-Propelled Reaper 8.4 Self-Propelled Combine Harvester
8.5 Self-Propelled Reaper Binder 8.6 Straw Baler
8.7 Straw Reaper/Straw Combine 8.8 Shrub Master










It consists of crop row divider, star wheel, cutter bar, and a pair of lugged canvas conveyor belts and a handle fitted with clutch and brakes. This type of machines cut the crops and conveys it vertically to one end and windrows the crops on the ground uniformly. Collection of crop for making bundles is easy and it is done manually. Self-propelled walking type, self-propelled riding type and tractor mounted type vertical conveyor reaper are also available. These types of reapers are suitable for crops like wheat and rice. In this reaper there is no shattering of the crop.


Dimensions (l x w x h), (mm)         :         2570 x 1850 x 1250

Weight (kg)                                       :         85

Number crop dividers                      :           6

Type of cutting unit                            :        Cutter bar with serrated V-shaped blades

Capacity (ha/h)                                 :        0.20-0.40

Power Requirement(hp/kW)            :        8.0-10//6.0 -7.5 , engine                                                                                                                                                                                                TOP


It is used for harvesting of wheat and rice crop. It cuts the crop and drops it in a windrow from where it can be collected and tied into bundles. As it does not have any reel so there are no shattering losses. It is useful for harvesting small fields and can be used on custom hire basis.

It is light in weight and suitable for harvesting the crop in hilly areas as can be easily lifted from bench to another.

Cost (Rs)    : 1,00,000










The machine consists of a 76 mm pitch reciprocating cutter bar assembly, seven crop row dividers, two vertical conveyor belts fitted with lugs, pressures springs, pulleys and gearbox for the power transmission system. The crop row dividers are fitted in front of the cutter bar assembly and the star wheels are mounted over the crop row dividers. The machine is mounted in front of the tractor and the power to the machine is given from tractor PTO with the help of intermediate shaft running beneath the chassis of the tractor and a coupling shaft. Height of the machine above ground is controlled by tractor hydraulic with the help of pulleys and steel ropes. After the crop is cut by the cutter bar, it is held in a vertical position and delivered to one side of the machine by lugged belt conveyors and fall on the ground in the form of a windrow perpendicular to the direction of movement of machine.


Suitability                                  :          Wheat & Paddy

Overall dimensions  (mm)          :          2380x990x560 (LxWxH)

Weight  (kg)                              :          180

Working width  (mm)                :          2200

Capacity (ha/h)             :          0.3-0.4

Power Requirement(hp/kW)     :          25/17.5, tractor                                                                                                                                                                                                                             TOP


Useful for harvesting of wheat and paddy. It cuts and drops the crop in a windrow on left side of from where the crop can be collected and tied into bundles.

Cost (Rs)   : 50,000




The riding type vertical conveyor reaper is a self-propelled unit in which the operator rides on the machine. Drive is given by means of two large pneumatic wheels and steering is by rear idlers. The prime mover is a 6 hp/4.5 kW diesel engine. Convenient clutch, break, steering, hydraulic system and simple power transmission are provided for ease of operation. It consists of crop row divider, star wheel, cutter bar (76.2 mm), conveyor belt and wire spring etc. This reaper has two forward and one reverse speed.


Length (mm)

Width (mm)

Height (mm)

Weight (kg)

Operating speed (km/h)

Total grain losses (%)

Field capacity (ha/h)

Field efficiency (%)

Power requirement(hp/kW)                                 


:       3185

:       1900

:       1450

:       1530

:       3.0-3.5

:       5.0-5.9

:       0.25-0.30

:       60-70

:      6/4.5, engine


It is suitable for harvesting rice, wheat, soybean and other cereals and oilseed crops.                                                                                                                                                                                        TOP

Cost of Machine : Rs.1,20,000/-










Various designs of combine harvester having 2 to 6 m long cutter bar are commercially available. The function of a combine harvester is to cut, thresh, winnow and clean grain/seed. It consists of header unit, threshing unit, separation unit, cleaning unit and grain collection unit. The function of the header is to cut and gather the crop and deliver it to the threshing cylinder. The reel pushes the straw back on to the platform while the cutter bar cuts it. The crops are threshed between cylinder and concave due to impact and rubbing action. The threshed material is shaken and tossed back by the straw rack so that the grain moves and falls through the openings in the rack onto the cleaning shoe while the straw is discharged at the rear. The cleaning mechanism consists of two sieves and a fan. The grain is conveyed with a conveyor and collected in a grain tank.


Suitability                                             :            Wheat and Paddy

Overall dimensions (mm)                      :            816x465x382 


Working width (mm)                            :             4313

Capacity (ha/hr)                                   :            0.8-1.0 (wheat)& 0.6 (paddy)

Power Source (hp/kW)                       :            105/78.75,  engine


Useful for harvesting, threshing and loading of wheat and paddy crop simultaneously.

Cost (Rs)    : 14,00,000









It consists of a frame, cutter bar, handles fitted with clutch and brakes, seat for the driver, two drive wheels, one wheel belbow the seat for steering, crop gathering unit and twine. The cutting unit of this type of reapers may be disc type or cutter bar type. After cutting, the crop is conveyed vertically to the binding mechanism where it is tied by the twine and released to the ground in the form of bundles. Self-propelled walking type models are available but these are not popular due to high cost of twine. Reaper binders are suitable for rice and wheat.                                                                                                            TOP


Overall dimensions(mm)                  :         360018501200

Cutting width (mm)                          :         1220

Cutting height (mm)                         :         50 70

Rope requirement                             :         1 spool/acre

Fuel consumption(l/h)                      :          1

Working Capacity(ha/h)                  :          0.4

Power Requirement (hp/kW)           :         10.2/7.5, Air-cooled, Diesel engine.


Harvesting and binding of grain crops is done in single operation. It is useful for harvesting Wheat, Paddy, Oats, Barley and other grain crops having height upto 85 to 110 cm.

Cost (Rs)  : 2,50,000











The tractor PTO operated machine consists of reel type straw pick up assembly, and straw compaction and tying units. It automatically picks up the residue straw from the field with the help of reel which is transferred into bale chamber with the help of feeder and then straw is compressed with the reciprocating ram into a compact variable length size. It also automatically ties the knots using metal wire or nylon rope.


Length (mm)                                                    :            5550

Width (mm)                                                     :            2600

Height (mm)                                                    :            1950

Width of pick up reel (mm)                              :            1540

Number of knitters                                           :            2

Cross section of the bale chamber (mm)       :    400 X 460

Twine box capacity                                          :            Four spools

No. of plunger strokes per min             :            75 at 2000 engine rpm

Plunger stroke length (mm)                               :            764

Wheel tread (mm)                                            :            2100

Flywheel diameter (mm)                                   :            560

Power Requirement(hp/kW)                            :            35/26.25 or above tractor                                                                                                                                                                                    TOP


Straw bailers are used for bailing of straw into bales of rectangular cross section.

Cost (Rs)   : 8,00,000









Straw combine is pulled by tractor and operated by tractor PTO. It has cutter bar reel, feeding auger and bruising cylinder like a traditional thresher. Straw thrown and stubble left by the grain combine is collected by straw combine and delivered to the cylinder concave section, where it is cut into pieces and passed through the concave. A reciprocating cutter bar is used for reaping the standing stubbles and the portion of the straw left uncut by the combine harvester. Straw, which passes through the concave, is aspirated by a blower and fed into a trolley on rear side covered by a wire net. For recovering the left grains from the straw, a sieve system is provided below the concave.


Suitability                                             :            Wheat

Overall dimensions  (mm)                    :            4680x1600x1970


Cutterbar width  (mm)             :            2000

Threshing cylinder                                :            Cutter blade mounted on cylinder

Capacity (ha/hr)                                   :            0.5

Straw recovery  (%)                            :            55-60

Grain recovery (kg/ha)                      :               30

Power Requirement(hp/kW)                :            35/26.25, tractor


To recover straw after harvesting by Combine and also recovers about 50 kg grain

Cost (Rs)  : 1,00,000

stuble shaver8.8 SHRUB MASTER









It consists of cutting blades (swinging flails) fixed to the rotating bar, gear box for transmission of power at right angle, universal joints with telescopic shaft to connect the tractor PTO and gearbox, adjustable side skids for controlling cutting height of shrubs or grass, safety guard and hitching frame. It is an operated by tractor PTO. The bar having cutting blades fixed at the ends is mounted on the gearbox shaft. Thus, the vertical shaft of the gearbox provides rotary motion to the bar. The cutting blades mounted on the bar swing open to the cutting position due to centrifugal force as the bar rotates in the horizontal plane. The cutting takes place purely through impact and flails need not be sharp-edged. The blades are made of medium carbon steel or alloy steel and hardened.                                                                                              TOP


Overall dimension(mm)                     :         200016601000

No's of Blades                                   :          2

Cutting width                                    :          1600 mm

Total weight                                      :          350 kg

Power drive                                       :         PTO operated

Power Requirement(hp/kW)             :         25/17.5 or above tractor


It is used for the clearance of shrubs, monsoon growth in forests, fields, verges, helipads and general clearance of grasses in fields.

Cost (Rs)    : 40,000