9.1 Multi-Crop Thresher 9.2 Axial-flow Paddy Thresher










The thresher consists of frame, threshing cylinder, cylinder casing, concave, oscillating sieves, pulley, belts, four wheels, aspirator blower, winnowing and cleaning attachment. The threshing cylinder is fitted with peg- tooth beaters fitted on the cast iron rings. The main shaft on which threshing cylinder is fixed is supported at two ends by heavy pedal bearings. Various pulleys of different sizes are fitted on this shaft to transmit power to the winnowing and fan attachment. Adjustments for cylinder and blower speeds and concave clearance are provided to make the machine suitable for threshing various crops. For threshing paddy, soybean, maize, sorghum etc., the crop moves axially and is threshed due to impact and rubbing action and the straw is blown away. While threshing wheat, the crop is not allowed to move axially. It is threshed due to impact and rubbing action between cylinder and concave and the straw is broken into small pieces. The grain falls through the concave onto the sieves where it is cleaned, collected and bagged.


Suitability                                         :      Wheat, Paddy, Sorghum, Gram, Maize, Soybean,    

                                                               Pigeon Pea, Sunflower, etc.              

Overall dimensions  (mm)            :       1950x1650x1450


Weight  (kg)                                    :       460

Capacity  (kg/ha)                           :       1000-1600     

Power Requirement(hp/kW)          :       5/3.75 electric motor or 7.5/5.265 diesel   engine                                                                                                                                    TOP


It is used for threshing of Wheat, Paddy, Sorghum, Gram, Maize, Soybean, Pigeon Pea, Sunflower, etc.  For threshing various crops the threshing cylinder speed and concave clearance needs to be adjusted.            

Cost (Rs)     : 1,00,000





It consists of a threshing cylinder, concave, cylinder casing, cleaning system and feeding chute. In axial flow concept, the crop is fed from one end, moves axially and the straw is thrown out from the other end after complete threshing of the crop. During threshing, the crop rotates three and half times around the cylinder and all the grains get detached. The threshing cylinder is of peg type. The casing of the thresher has 7 louvers for moving the crop axially. Two aspirator blowers and two sieves are provided for cleaning.


Length (mm)

Width (mm)  

Height(mm) :

Feeding device :

 Length of feeding chute (mm) :

Type of cylinder

Cylinder size, tip diameter x length(m m)

Length of concave (mm)

Width of concave (mm)

Concave clearance (mm)

Type, size and number of blowers


Weight (kg)

Power requirement(hp/kW)


:      2030

:      3050

:      1960

:      Feeding chute, manually

:      905

:      Spike tooth

:      770 x 1500

:      840                                                                                                                                                                           TOP

:      570

:      18-21

:     Aspirator type, two blowers of   

      400 mm dia.and 160 mm width

:     730

:     35/26.25, tractor PTO


Used for threshing of paddy crop.

Cost of Machine : Rs.80,000/-