The wheel hand hoe is a widely accepted weeding tool for weeding and interculture in row crops. It is a long handled tools operated by push and pull action.  The number of wheel varies from one to two and the diameter depends upon the design. The frame has got provision to accommodate different types of soil working tools such as straight blade, reversible blades, sweeps, V -blade, tine cultivator, pronged hoe, miniature furrower, spike harrow (rake) etc. which can be operated by a single person.  All the soil working components of the tool are made from medium carbon steel and hardened to 40-45 HRC.  For operation, the working depth of the tool and handle height is adjusted and the wheel hoe is operated by repeated push-pull action which allows the soil working components to penetrate into the soil and cut/uproot the weeds in between the crop rows. With this action, the weeds also get buried in the soil. The wheel hoes are available in various designs and sizes.



Overall length (mm) :

Overall width (mm) :

Overall height (mm) :

Number of tynes :

Wheel diameter (mm) :

Working depth (mm) :

Weight (kg) :



:      1400- 1500

 :      450- 500

 :      800- 1000

 :      3 Nos

 :      200- 600

 :      Upto 60

 :      4- 12



For weeding and intercultural operation in vegetables and other crops sown in rows.


Cost of Machine : Rs.800/-








The weeder consists of two rotors, float, frame and handle. The rotors are cone frustum in shape, smooth and serrated strips are welded on the surface along its length. The rotors are mounted in tandem with opposite orientation. The float, rotors and handle are joined to the frame. The float controls working depth and does not allow rotor assembly to sink in the puddle. The cono weeder is operated by pushing action. The orientation of rotors create a back and forth movement in the top 3 cm of soil and uproots the weeds.




Width (mm)

Height (mm)


Weight (kg)

Number of rotors

Capacity (ha/day)'




:          370

:          1400

:          Manually operated

:          5 to 6

:          2

:          0.18




The cono weeder is used to remove weeds between rows of paddy crop efficiently. It is easy to operate, and does not sink in the puddle.


Cost of Machine : Rs.800/-








The self propelled weeder consists of a box section chassis, 3-hp petrol -start- kerosene run engine, transmission system, drive wheels, tool mounting bar of 70 x 70 mm size. The wheel tread (spacing between two wheels) can be adjusted from 400 to 650 mm to suit the row to- row spacing of different crops. The V -shaped weeding sweeps of 150 and 200 mm size are fitted on tynes. These tynes are mounted on the tool bar with clamps. The tynes are raised or lowered for adjusting the depth of operation and locked in position by the clamp. The spacing between sweeps can be is easily adjusted by sliding the tynes on tool mounting bar to suit the crop row spacing. Power from engine is transmitted to gearbox through V –belt and pulleys. While transportation, the tynes are adjusted to the raised position so they do not dig into the ground. The tynes are adjusted according to the row spacing of the crop and depth of operation.





Tool mounting bar (mm)                   :         70x70

Wheel tread spacing(mm)                 :          400 to 650

Sweeps(mm)                                     :         150 to 200

Power requirement(h.p./kW)            :         3/2.25, petrol-start-kerosene run engine




The CIAE self-propelled Power Weeder is suitable for weeding and intercultural operations in upland row crops like groundnut, maize, soybean, pigeon pea, etc. sown at row-to-row spacing of more than 30 cm.


Cost of Machine : Rs.80,000/-







It is a self propelled weeder powered by a single cylinder air cooled diesel engine. It consists of a rotary shaft on which tynes are mounted. It is a walk behind machine with 180 degree revolving and height adjustable handle bar. It has provision for adjusting tilling width and depth. It is available in eight different attachments along with the weeder.




Tilling width, (mm)

Tilling depth, (mm)

Number of tynes

Rotary tilling speed, (rpm)

Axle width, (mm)

Weight, (kg)



:         209 to 640

:         50 to 60

:         14

:         700

:         327

:         110 (without rotary)




It can be used for land preparation, weeding and erthing up operation.


Cost of Machine : Rs 60,000/-








It consists of a long shaft, two handles, rotar blades and petrol run engine it is provided with three types of cutting blades. The 26 to 50 cc brush cutter has fuel-efficient engine. The company caters fixed blade cutter for regular cutting dry grass, sugarcane trash and detachable circular blade is available for cutting thick wild grass. The nylon rope cutter to cut grass on stony or uneven land surface is also provided. It also has an attachment for doing interculture operation and has a cushioned belt for easy mounting on the body. It is available with single and double handles. It is provided with special compensating jet carburetor fitted to its engine.



Type of engine

Displacement in cc

Power output in (hp/ kW)

Man power required



:        Two stroke petrol engine

:        26-50

:        1.00/0.75

:        one person



It is used for cutting dry grass, thick wild grass, intercultural operations etc.

Cost of machine : Rs. 25,000/-